About Us

About Us

Trancoso fascinate visitors from all over the world for its unique style that ally a rustic charm with an elegant preserved landscape. Houses of high standard and exclusive architectural designs come every day as an option for those who wish to live or spend unforgettable days in the south coast of Bahia.

We believe the name Carpe Diem, which means “seize the day, enjoy every moment of life”, represents the lifestyle that Trancoso offers. And it was this unique quality of life that we sought when we moved from Sao Paulo to Bahia in 2011. We came as a couple, Sabrina and Michel, and here was born our daughter Manuela.

Since our first day here we realized the opportunity for services such as management and maintenance of houses, hospitality and rental for season and hollidays. We created Carpe Diem Trancoso intending to bring professionalism and tranquility to investors who buy their houses in this region, but who may have difficulties in relating to the local community, whether by distance or foreign language.

Our clients, from all over the world, wishes to arrive in Trancoso and find their properties with the proper maintenance, everything working and the contracted services available. This is what we do:

House Management

We take care of all the details so you can enjoy nature and every moment in Trancoso, without having to worry about the problems of maintaining a house.


Corporate or Individual, we schedule payment of bills, employees, third parties, fees and taxes, with accountability and transparency.


Hiring of employees and third parties, checking general house installations, cleaning, preventive maintenance and more.


Orientation and monitoring of the employees of the property.


We set the house with everything the owners and guests desires, all ready for your welcome day.


Todo o conforto e comodidade dos serviços de um hotel, para você que vai alugar ou visitar sua casa em Trancoso. Durante sua estadia oferecemos uma assistência pessoal para organizar e agilizar alguns serviços como:

  • Agendamento de passeios
  • Massagem e serviços de beleza
  • Reservas em restaurantes e bares
  • Reservas no Terravista Golf Course
  • Traslado aéreo ou terrestre
  • Aluguel de veículos
  • Contratação de cozinheira e extras
  • 1º abastecimento básico (alimento, higiene e limpeza)
  • Outros

Opinião dos Nossos Clientes

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